​Address Management

The Address Management Division of Geospatial Information Services is responsible for maintaining situs address location and road centerlines for all of Mecklenburg County. The address record consists of house number, street names in long and short format, zip code, postal city, jurisdiction, volunteer fire districts, ETJ, and special tax districts. Road Centerlines consist of road names in long and short format, address ranges and other jurisdictional data such as zip code and jurisdiction.

Both Address Point Locations and Road Centerlines are maintained digitally for emergency management and E911 purposes and in supporting the issuance of building permits in Mecklenburg County. Both datasets are available for download on the Internet as part of the County's GIS Open Mapping Portal. Information used for creating these records comes from legally recorded instruments and an ordinance guide for address management.

Address Management Links

  • Address Assignment Request System

    Submit requests for new addresses related to building and assets development.

  • Address Change Authorization Form

    Assist with building permit issuance

  • Images for Project Maps

    Maps dating back to April 2000

  • Street Name Lookup

    Verify valid street names

  • Master Address Viewer

    Look up addresses to validate

  • USPS Address Lookup

    Look up addresses on USPS