Land Records Management

The Land Records division of Geospatial Information Services is responsible for maintaining ownership files and cadastral maps for all real estate in Mecklenburg County. The ownership record consists of the owner's(s') name(s), the situs address (the location of the property), the mailing address (where the tax bills are sent), and the legal description of the property. The cadastral maps are maintained digitally for assessment purposes and are available on the Internet as part of the county GIS. Information used for creating these records comes from legally recorded instruments.

Land Records Changes and Corrections

Every effort is made for accurate and timely maintenance of the ownership records. Because of the number of instruments involved, there is a natural time lag between when a document is filed and when it is reflected on the Internet. This time lag will vary depending on several factors including the type of transaction involved. You can view the metadata in order to see the currency of our records.

Below is a list of common questions received concerning the Land Records Division.