Data Center

Mecklenburg County believes in the ingenuity of its residents and the power of open data and open source software to bring that ingenuity to life. Opening public data and releasing open source software enhances government transparency and encourages public participation and collaboration. 

Open data has four key attributes: 

  • The data is accessible to everyone. 

  • The data is available in open, non-proprietary formats. 

  • You have the right to redistribute the data. 

  • You have the right to modify and make derivative data and works. 

You can directly download Mecklenburg County GIS data from our  Open Mapping site.  Due to the large data formats aerial imagery and LIDAR are not available for download. Please visit the Open Mapping Site and complete a Data Request Form to acquire aerial imagery and LIDAR data sets.

For more information about data requests, please contact the following staff:

Scott Black
Phone: (980) 314-4640

Closeup of a person holding a mobile device with a map app visible.

GIS Apps Gallery

Mecklenburg County's GIS Apps Gallery features a suite of web and mobile-friendly apps for residents and business users. Your browser must be set to allow pop-ups from our gallery.

Open Mapping (data)

Open data increases government transparency, encourages resident participation and collaboration, and creates new economic opportunities for residents, government, and the community. 

A programmer using two laptops and a display monitor to develop on.
Diagram of mysql relational databases

IDS: Integrated Data Store

A collection of databases from various administrative systems that are stored and accessed from one location. Data contained in the IDS is updated on a daily/weekly/monthly basis and provides you with a "snapshot" of the activity recorded on the above specified host systems.